About NKS

NKS Vulcanizados, with its constant service of excellence, socio-environmental responsibility, and up-to-date with its labor and tax obligations, is a safe, transparent, and committed supplier for qualified production.

Serving national and international clients according to their needs and technical specifications, the company has an installed capacity to produce 100,000 pairs/month, ensuring quality, sustainability, and punctual delivery.

We develop and manufacture customized collections, based on our collection or with exclusive models and fabrics for each client.

NKS Vulcanizados was founded in 1995 with a firm purpose of producing high-tech and comfortable vulcanized footwear for children, women, and men. Initially, it provided its products as uniforms for various companies, then outsourced the production of several renowned brands, and currently produces 8,500 pairs per day with more than 400 direct employees.

The company is located in the heart of the largest footwear cluster in Brazil, in the city of Sapiranga, in southern Brazil, enabling full access to new technologies, innovation, and the supply of all kinds of components, thus ensuring the inclusion and creation of products according to the needs of each market and client.

Led by its founders, NKS Vulcanizados increasingly seeks know-how, qualification, satisfaction, and technological innovation. Focused on research and development together with the Brazilian Institute of Technology for Leather, Footwear, and Artifacts, being certified with the IBTeC comfort seal. Renowned brands in the national and international markets believe in our potential and trust us with the production of their footwear.